Kinetrol Actuators

    KINETROL quarter-turn actuators operate on the principle of rotary vane pneumatics and dispense with lever arms, racks and gear ratios, and thus also with wear of intermeshing motion elements, e.g. gear wheels. This allows the decrease of a pure torque without disturbing lateral forces on the drive square. The actuators are characterized by a compact, lightweight and variable construction.

    KINETROL quarter-turn actuators have a direct attachment option for solenoid valves with the mounting interface according to NAMUR. Mounting modules such as positioners and limit switch boxes can be mounted directly on the actuators, which ensures a compact unit.

    All quarter-turn actuators are equipped with a environmental resistant, epoxy resin powder coating and equipped with stainless steel screws. The working angle can be adjusted by the adjustable end stops in both directions of rotation.

  • The advantages
    • • Unique, reliable and industry-leading drive technology for 90 ° rotation.
      • Modular product system - actuators, positioners and limit switch boxes.
      • SIL and ATEX certified - Highest safety and reliability.
      • Compact design - All accessories are directly coupled to the actuator.
           o No loss of power
           o Exact positioning
           o Very high operating speeds
           o Low air consumption
      • Maintenance-free, with over 4 million (> 090 2 million size) guaranteed switches.
      • Lowest torque loss, the deviation is about 17-20% from the beginning to the end position.
      • Unique spring design with guaranteed functionality over the life-time of the actuator.
      • Own spring housing, protected against corrosion and environmental influences.
      • Stress-free storage without spring fatigue.


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