ADLER-Ball Valves

    ADLER ball valves are quality products which are manufactured to ASTM and DIN standards, mainly from rolled or forged material. The standard version includes among other things the mechanical processing of all media-contacting parts, an anti-static equipment for transferring any static charges and the blow-proof installation of the stem. Fittings with "FIRE-SAFE" equipment, according to B.S. 6755 Part 2 are available as well.

    The machining of almost all ADLER ball valves enables us to offer you ball valves made of special materials such as MONEL, HASTELLOY or TITANIUM if required.

    All ADLER ball valves have the connection dimensions according to EN ISO 5211 for the installation of rotary actuators; On request, we supply the ball valves complete with pneumatic, electric or electrohydraulic actuators for OPEN-CLOSE or control operation, with position feedback or as self-closing valve with over-temperature release. ADLER ball valves are generally made of materials to ASTM standards.

    For applications in which media trapped in the dead spot and intend to expand, by temperature differences, state change, chemical reactions, on request we offer ball valves with relief bore. This hole relieves the dead spot in the direction of the higher-pressure connection line.

    For special applications, we offer special ball seats made of PTFE, glass, carbon, graphite, stainless steel or bronze alloys, as well as seats made of PTFE sintered metal core.

    As end tank valves, our compact flange ball valves are ideally suited. We supply these ball valves with through bore-holes or provide matching bolts. If it is important to ensure that as little fluid as possible can accumulate in the dead spot of a valve (separation problems), ADLER ball valves with reduced pocket less seats can be used. Depending on the type of valve, the dead spot is reduced either by a spherical machining of the inner parts of the housing or by the installation of PTFE half-shells. Also, ADLER ball valves with flushing connections can be offered.

    The advantages of the standard ADLER ball valves

    Optional features for the ADLER ball valves


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