KINETROL Single-Acting Actuator

    • The KINETROL single-acting part-turn actuators are the best choice for safety-related applications on the market.

      The unique design of the spring-loaded unit with a spiral spring ensures the lowest torque loss in the course of a spring stroke compared to other pneumatic quarter-turn actuators. The deviation is about 17-20% from the beginning to the end position. With KINETROL rotary actuators, the torque is available in both directions of rotation.

      The springs are loaded only to a small part of the maximum allowable stress. Therefore, an extremely long life-time and no fatigue is the result. Another advantage is the installation of the springs in a separate enclosure with IP 65 protection.

      The KINETROL Spring Units for single-acting actuators are available in Kinetrol standard and DIN versions.

      The Advantages
    • First choice for fail-safe applications - shortest closing times possible
    • Stand-alone housing for modular and flexible use
    • Selecting smaller drives - lowest torque loss in industry comparison
    • Fatigue-proof spring
    • Protection against environmental influences, through tight housing
    • SIL and ATEX certified

Modular System

    • KINETROL – Fails Safe Spring Return Unit
    • KINETROL – Switch Boxes
    • KINETROL - AP-Positioner
    • KINETROL - EL-Positioner
    • KINETROL - P3-Positioner
    • KINETROL – Clear Cone Monitor
    • KINETROL – 180° Actuator
    • Solenoid Valves NAMUR


Technical Data

  • Working angle 78° to 100° Max. Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 80 ° C (with VITON up to + 100 ° C) Max. Operating pressure range 5,5 bar Max. Pressure shock resistance 10 bar Max. Torque 2,3 Nm to 6.696 Nm (bei 5,5 bar) Air quality dry and oiled (air quality according to ISO 8573.1, class 4.5.5) Air displacement 2,4 to 50.025 cm³ Weight 9,8 to 273 kg Coating Epoxy resin, powder-coated Link Torque Table Single-Acting Actuators


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