• Kinetrol has introduced the new Blueline Actuator series specifically for the food and beverage industries. Kinetrol Blueline Rotary Vane Actuators provide a superior alternative for actuating quarter-turn valves in food and beverage applications and are guaranteed up to 4 million operations. The proprietary coating is FDA and BfR compliant and has very good resistance to caustic wash-down environments and corrosion in salt laden environments.
      The Kinetrol Blueline coating meets the requirements of German BfR L1 for Temperature Resistance Polymer Coating systems for Frying, Cooking and Baking Utensils. BfR recognises that when in contact with food it will not transfer its constituents in quantities that could endanger human health.

    • Very good resistance to ‘caustic washdown’ procedures as typically performed in the food & beverage industries
    • Very good resistance to corrosion in salt laden environments
    • Very good non-stick properties

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