KINETROL Double-Acting Actuator

    • KINETROL quarter turn actuators are the most reliable and industry-leading actuators for 90 ° rotations.

      To meet market demands and increase the range of possible applications, KINETROL quarter-turn actuators are available in Kinetrol standard and DIN versions.

      The KINETROL quarter-turn actuators are designed according to the rotary vane principle without lever arms, racks and gear wheels. Based on this the actuators have no wear out of intermeshing motion elements. As a result, the decrease of a pure torque without disturbing lateral forces on the actuator square is made possible. The result is a maximum of performance and life-time.

      The life-time of KINETROL quarter-turn actuators can be measured after millions of switches. This fact is achieved by the long-lasting polyurethane lip seal with the self-adjusting stainless-steel spring plates and their epoxy resin-coated running surfaces.

      The Advantages
    • Up to 4.0 million switches are guaranteed
    • 50% lower torque drop than rack-and-pinion actuators
    • Very high operating speeds
    • Low air consumption
    • Maintenance and corrosion-free
    • Compact, weight-saving and variable construction
    • SIL and ATEX approved

Modular System

    • KINETROL – Fails Safe Spring Return Unit
    • KINETROL – Switch Boxes
    • KINETROL - AP-Positioner
    • KINETROL - EL-Positioner
    • KINETROL - P3-Positioner
    • KINETROL – Clear Cone Monitor
    • KINETROL – 180° Actuator
    • Solenoid Valves NAMUR


Technical Data

  • Working angle 78° to 100° Max. Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 80 ° C (with VITON up to + 100 ° C) Max. Operating pressure range 7 bar Max. Pressure shock resistance 10 bar Max. Torque 0,9 Nm to 19.140 Nm (bei 7 bar) Air quality dry and oiled (air quality according to ISO 8573.1, class 4.5.5) Air displacement 2,4 to 50.025 cm³ Weight 9,8 to 273 kg Coating epoxy resin, powder-coated Link Torque Table Double-Acting Actuators


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