KINETROL-Manual Fail Safe Spring

    • The KINETROL manual fail safe spring unit with deadman function is a robust, reliable spring for 90 ° rotary movement for the manual actuation of valves (for example, ADLER ball valves). The fields of application of the KINETROL spring closing unit are wide-ranging, from filling and emptying hazardous chemicals in the chemical industry, through sampling in the pharmaceutical and food industry, to the general avoidance of unintentional actuation of the valve.

    • Pre-set torques (from 1.4 Nm to 45.5 Nm)
    • Interface according EN ISO 5211 for direct mounting
    • ATEX approval category 2

    • Downloads Manual Fail Safe Spring

KINETROL 120/180° Actuator

    • To realize working angles from 120 ° to 180 ° (200 °), a corresponding KINETROL module is available. Along with 90 ° actuators, spring lock units, positioners and limit switch units as well as NAMUR adapters for mounting solenoid valves can be mounted easily.

    • Constant torque over the entire working angle for double-acting drives
    • proportional angular velocity between the input and output shafts
    • Adjustable end stops allow a working angle between 120 ° and 200 °
    • No maintenance efforts due to factory grease filling are necessary
    • ATEX approval category 2

    • Downloads for the KINETROL module with 120 ° / 180 ° working angle

KINETROL Geared Manual Overrides

    • Geared manual overrides are designed for emergency cases. In case of a failure of the air supply an operation of the valve can be assured. In the case of single-acting actuators, the spring-load torque which have to be overcome is taken into account. The manual override may only be engaged and disengaged when the non-pressurised actuator is at a standstill, and in single-acting actuators only in the end position of the spring stroke.

      Downloads Geared Manual Overrides


    • KINETROL's innovate and patented ISO adapter has been developed for the conversion of a KINETROL standard drive (square, both sides) to the DIN version to EN ISO 5211 and for direct mounting to KINETROL single- and double-acting standard actuator. The patented design makes it possible to use metric screws in both directions and mount the drive directly on a valve.

    • Multiple flange connection
    • Robust epoxy-resin coated housing
    • Without tapped holes for optimum corrosion protection
    • Retained coupling
    • Optionally, the multi-toothed coupling is available

    • Downloads for the ISO Adaptor

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